This guide will detail what beginners need to focus on purchasing at the start of the video game. This guide focuses primarily on close quarters battle, as sniping and medium variety battle is typically only practical once you get a stable of close quarters robots and have the Fourth Hangar slot opened. If there are any terms used in this post you are not sure of please speak with the Glossary.

Early Upgrades
Starting Equipment
All players begin the video game with 100,000 Silver, 100 Gold, a single Hangar slot, and a level 1 Destrier equipped with a level 1 Spiral and a level 1 Molot.

2nd Hangar Slot
A lot of players will wish to buy 2 Punishers for the Destrier and upgrade them to level 2 as soon as possible. Unlocking the second garage slot and acquiring a Cossack will increase the gamer’s possibility of surviving until the end of each battle considerably. Both the Destrier and Cossack can be upgraded to level 2 now.

The purchase of a Punisher Mk2 and upgrading it to level 2 is a good option for the Cossack. The Punisher Mk2 is generally thought about the better choice than the Molot Mk2 as it has greater damage and the Cossack’s speed allows it to close to shooting variety rapidly.

The player can then concentrate on updating their robotics’ weapons (approximately about level 4) until they can manage to unlock the 3rd hangar slot and acquire their very first medium Robotic.

3rd Hangar Slot
Which of the medium robots the gamer select first is debatable. Opting for the Gl. Patton 4x Molot or 4x Punishers has the advantage of only having to purchase one light weapon. Either mix can be fatal to Destriers and Cossacks, the Molots does provide you an advantage of variety at the expense of the Punishers very high damage at under 200m. If in doubt the Molots are a winner for the slower Patton. Continue upgrading your weapons to level 4 and your Robots to level 2. Keep in mind: it is essential that you don’t update your robotics and weapons too high at this phase or you will start to deal with more powerful and much better geared up opponents. It is likewise essential to keep your weapons a minimum of two levels above the level of your robots, this keeps a good balance between firepower and sturdiness.

Your 2nd medium robotic will replace your Destrier so a Vityaz can make good use of the Destrier’s already updated Punishers and will only require the purchase of an Thunder to make it your main close quarters specialist (knife fighter).

A Golem is an other great choice if you have a bit more silver. With Thunder, Punisher Mk2 and Punisher, it will also make a great knifefighter.

Pinatas for your Vityaz is a worthwhile upgrade from the Punishers.

You will be saving for your 4th hangar slot so it is important that you don’t invest any gold till you have actually protected it.

Fourth Hangar Slot
You must accomplish your Fourth garage slot at around gamer level 20. Your workshop will also open at level 20. We consider this completion of the novice phase of the video game; and completion of the scope of this guide. Other guides cover workshop point equipment and other more advanced topics.

General suggestions
Believe cautious when selecting a Pilot name as name modifications made after your 2 free ones will cost 500 AU (Gold).
You begin the video game with a Destrier. Resist the temptation to acquire another one. There will be numerous robots that are better available quickly enough.
When the Sch├╝tze becomes available, you might want to save your silver and avoid buying this robot until you can buy the Thunder to equip it with.
It is recommended to acquire a Cossack as quickly as you can manage one. This is a very beneficial robot and will serve you well for a considerable part of the video game. It is a quick robot with the ability to leap which makes it a natural choice for beacon capturing.
When the Gl. Patton appears it is an excellent choice for your very first Medium Robotic as it uses 4 light weapons and you should currently have a couple partly upgraded on your Destrier. The Patton has low amounts of health but makes up with big amounts of firepower. As the in-game quote states, this “Universal Warrior” can suppress neighboring robots with four Punishers, send out robots scrambling for cover from the tough striking and long ranged shots of the Molots, pound close ranged warriors from afar with four Pins, or blast a hole in any health bar with the terrifying existence of four Pinatas.
The Vityaz or the Golem are good options for an early medium robotic purchase when you can equip it with a Thunder.
Don’t update your robotics past level 2 up until you have upgraded your weapons. Weapon upgrades ought to constantly take concern. You must intend to keep weapons a minimum of 2 levels above your robotic level.